Operation: Nation Infiltration

Sat April 1~~ 9 AM 
RATAC Battlefield
RATAC Battlefield is a 41 acre outdoor Airsoft Field located in Moneta Virginia. 
Please go to Roanokeairsoft.com for more details!

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 Roanoke Airsoft in no way shape or form shows favor/disfavor to any Political Faction, Religion or Creed. Operation NationInfiltration2017 is a light hearted game in the spirit of fun. Furthermore, no post is a real threat to any current/former member of office.

NATION INFILTRATION 2017 is slowly approaching and Roanoke Airsoft has some fun things planned for this event!

If all works out well, this will be our most role-player heavy event and our RPers are already preparing their routines and outfits.

 Pre Registration will end on the 29th. Walk on registration price is $55. Save yourself a little money and sign up now!

Rules and Regulations in addition to standard field rules

UNIFORMS Rules are to give an appearance of the different forces. If you can’t tell if you are green or tan… don’t wear it

Al-Fuqra Uniform Specs
TAN Based - Desert MARPAT, DCU, Arid Multicam, desert tiger, 3 color desert, flat tan, civilian clothes

US Uniform Specs
GREEN Based – Woodland BDU, Woodland Marpat, Tropic Multicam, CADPAT, Jungle Tiger, FG, OD.
- Remain in the proper uniform for your side.
- Tops and Bottoms must match the base color of your side.
- Cold weather clothing must also be the same base color of your side.
- Shirts and pants are not optional
- Headgear color is team specific. Camo or solid colors allowed. NO BLACK HEADGEAR
- Gear (such as vest, gloves, boots, etc.) can be any color.

Red Dead Rags are required.

Smoke grenades are permitted although the operator is responsible for monitoring grenade for potential fires

EG Exploding Grenades are allowed and sold on the field. These cannot leave the field by order of the ATF.

Thunder B’s- is distraction device only.

Anti-tank weapons must be pre-approved by a referee. If you have an anti-tank weapon and are unsure if you can use it, please message Roanoke Airsoft ahead of time for approval.

EYE PRO: All players must have FULL SEAL eye protection (ANSI Rated) as a minimum at all times on the field. Face masks, mouth guards and balaclavas are highly recommended. (Regular Prescription glasses used as eye pro is not authorized). NO

MESH EYE PRO IS NOT ALLOWED PERIOD. Lower face pro is mandatory for those under 18.

Hits: All hits to the operator's body count as a kill, including tactical gear and gun

Medic Rules: After calling your hit do not move from your spot unless you’re in a direct line of fire. The operator can choose to walk back to a respawn point or call for a medic. If you’re medic doesn’t revive you after a 5 minute “bleed out” walk to your respawn point. Medic can choose to move you out of a line of fire by grabbing the operators rig and walking to cover. No running. Medic can decide how many times you can be revived.

Dead men do not talk.

MED: Be aware of your MED or Minimum Engagement Distance determined at the chrono station at all times

Field Conflicts: Any conflicts with hit calling needs to be addressed by a referee, team points will be deducted for un-gentlemanly conduct.

FIRE SELECTOR RESTRICTIONS: All Riflemen are restricted to Semi Auto only. LMGs are allowed full auto. LMGs are weapons such as: RPK, RPD, M249, M240, M60 etc. Assault Rifles with drum magazines do NOT count as LMGs.

Game tips
Points for each side are awarded for;
1) Maintaining Key Geographical areas
2) Special Missions and Objectives
- Assault Vehicle time can be purchased by CO of each team
-Simulated Mortar and Air Strikes have a 50 Foot kill radius- these will be monitored by referees 
-Mines will be distributed to designated engineers for each team

Roanoke Airsoft TACtical
4715 Rucker Rd. Moneta, VA
RATAC Entrance

Open every Saturday from 10am - 6pm
Located at 4715 Rucker Rd. Moneta, VA. Turn off 122 at Fisher Auto Parts and the RATAC entrance is on the left. Hosting events, games and challenges with gear and rentals on site!
The main retail store is still located at 1020 Service Ave., SE – Roanoke, VA – 24013. Come out, gear up and be prepaired to hit the RATAC Battlefield!

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