Street Pub Roanoke 2018

Deschutes Street Pub Roanoke
Sat July 14~~2 PM
But.....don't stand in line for tokens purchase them now!  

Tokens are your ticket for the day. Each token is good for one cold craft beer. You can get tokens the day of the event or online in advance. The benefit of pre-purchasing tokens is that you don’t have to wait in lines and by pre-purchasing, you get one extra token for every four you buy. (Tokens are $5 each, but advance tokens are five for $20.)
Limited Edition Hydro Flask Pints will sell out, so don’t wait. Put quite simply, these are the Cadillacs of steel pints. BPA-free, stainless steel vessels for the sweet nectar of the beer gods. Plus, it has a sweet Deschutes Street Pub logo on it.


The VIP LOUNGE includes exclusive exclusive access to specialty beer tastings led by a Deschutes brewers. Chefs will be serving up beer snacks like beer salami, beer nuts, hop corn and more. Tickets include: two beer tokens, rare barrel tastings, exclusive seating away from the crowd, and some fun swag from Deschutes Brewery, Keen Footwear, Hydro Flask, and more! 

Volunteers Needed

The Deschutes Street Pub will benefit the following area non-profits:

Bradley Free Clinic

Roanoke Outside Foundation

Roanoke Parks and Recreation 

The Spot on Kirk 

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