Recommended Events from Promote Commotion: Weekend of REIKI & Access Bars classes in Roanoke

 Super excited about the Weekend of REIKI & Access Bars classes in Roanoke with Robert ~~~Tomorrow at 6PM come to The Hilton Garden Inn Roanoke to the Meet and Greet followed at 7PM for a FREE Guided Meditation~~You still have the ability to sign up for classes or a $78 healing session with him~~ We can't wait to see him this weekend, and hope you will take this opportunity to meet this extraordinary talented healer from The Healing Frequency

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Recommended Events from Promote Commotion: Weekend of REIKI & Access Bars classes in Roanoke

Weekend of REIKI & Access Bars classes in Roanoke

 NEXT WEEKEND~~~  Call or email today to secure your spot for the FREE GUIDED MEDITATION, Classes or Sessions~~~Must RESERVE YOUR SPOT~~~ Call Rob at 703-966-6878 NOW

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Weekend of REIKI & Access Bars classes in Roanoke
Mar 16 - Mar 18

Hilton Garden Inn Roanoke
From The Healing Frequency 



The Weekend Events
Choose one or choose all.

Please RSVP here for any session,
call Rob at 703-96-6878 or email to be included.

*Friday night Meet and greet with Guided Meditation (FREE)

*Saturday REIKI I Class $150.00

*Saturday Night session with Rob $78.00

*Sunday Access Bars class $350

Weekend price for everything $578.00

Please email Rob here and make payment arrangements.

What is REIKI

Become a Reiki I healer in this very informational class! Learn to work on yourself of physical ailments, emotional wounds and spiritual issues.

As a Reiki I healer, you become attuned to the Reiki energy and your world expands with the limitless possibilities of the universal energy working through you.

In this three hour class you learn the five reiki principles, the meaning of reiki and how it works, the process of ceremonial attunements, the reiki history and lineage and how to apply the 12 step reiki process to yourself.

Class cost:
$150 to attend class, attunement, manual and certificate. Available on Amazon @
Please have read the book before class!!


Join us for a very special initiation and learn why so many are turning to reiki for their self healing and evolvement!

Instructions to follow prior to class (not mandatory):

1) A week prior to class, if you can, refrain from eating junk food, alcohol and cigarettes.

2) Three days prior to class, if you can, refrain from eating meat or animal products.

3) Wear white clothing on the day of your class and attunement. Bring pen and paper with you to take notes.

What is Access Bars

Would you like to learn a wonderful healing modality that is FAST, EFFECTIVE, and EASY TO LEARN?
Would you like to be certified to use it after this one-day class?
Would you like to find an easy way to relieve stress and relax — for yourself and for others?
Are you a seeker who knows something more is possible?

Learn the Bars® and be able to contribute to yourself and your clients and friends,

Access Bars® has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their body and their life including sleep, health, weight, money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress and so much more. At worst you will feel like you have just had a great massage. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease. What would it take to step into these possibilities?

What if there is a whole new way of being that is possible for you — a way with more fun, more magic, more abundance? Wouldn’t you like to play in that reality?

Learn the Bars® and become a Certified Practitioner in one day.

Access Consciousness® is a dynamic set of tools, techniques and philosophies that can change any area of life. What would you really like to change? Access Consciousness helps you to release the limiting beliefs and conclusions that are keeping you from having the life you truly desire. . At best, you can change your life.

This class includes:

Coaching by Rob Pritchard- Certified Bars Facilitator
Viewing “Access the Bars” DVD with founder Gary Douglas personally demonstrating the techniques
Receiving TWO Bars sessions
Giving TWO Bars sessions
A comprehensive manual and summary chart to assist you in running the Bars on your own

Many people have created successful businesses with this unique, gentle therapy. Or you can add these powerful tools to enhance your existing business as a teacher, healer or coach. What are the infinite possibilities?

$350 for new students, $175 for past students
Payment is required prior to class. 

CALL ROB AT 703-966-6878 OR EMAIL
to attend any or all planned workshops or to schedule a session for Saturday night!!

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Weekend of Reiki and Much More


Classes, Meet and Greet, Sessions and More
We would like to welcome Mr. Robert Pritchard from The Healing Frequency to Roanoke. 

He will be here for the weekend at Hilton Garden Inn Roanoke for the following opportunities. 

**A free meet and greet and meditation on Friday night. 
Saturday morning we will kick off the weekend with Reiki I, and following that offering services to those who wish to have them. Sunday morning we will be kicking off with the class Access Bars.**

In order to take part  
CALL ROB AT 703-966-6878

Contact Promote Commotion Facebook Page
DO ALL or one!

Friday night Meditation and Meet and Greet

Saturday REIKI I Class $150.00

Saturday Night session with Rob $78.00

Sunday Access Bars class $300

Weekend price for everything $528.00

Again, Please  RSVP TODAY
CALL ROB AT 703-966-6878
Contact Promote Commotion Facebook Page
  Any questions feel free to post or contact either Rob or Promote Commotion.

Spread the word. If you want more info, please follow The Healing Frequency on FB, his website and on Meetup

Take time to read his reviews and learn more about the work and knowledge this gifted man has to offer.

This is truly an awesome price. Rob will be in #RoanokeVA next weekend and doing #Reiki, #Hypnosis and any other service you need for only $78 an hour. Great for those with Fibromyalgia, those who want to stop smoking, those who want healing and those with anxiety too~~ Find out more about Rob on his page The Healing Frequency, and plan to join the Free Guided Meditation and meet and greet Fri Jan 12 for the Weekend of REIKI, Classes and more~~~ REGISTER with him through Promote Commotion, or meetup or call him directly for more info at 703-966-6878 or even message him on his Facebook page~~~A DO NOT MISS EVENT~~~ You can learn more

Weekend of REIKI & Access Bars classes in Roanoke

Weekend of REIKI & Access Bars classes in Roanoke

Hosted by Rob Pritchard

From The Healing Frequency

Friday, Jan 12, 2018, 7:00 PM - Sunday, Jan 14,

Get more details and RSVP here