Getting out and attending local events

There are many reasons I can not attend local events out there. There are many excuses everyone uses for not attending local events and supporting our local folks.

I had the opportunity to attend 2 events on Saturday that most likely I wouldn't have been able to had I not won tickets through our local radio stations.

First up~~~ I won tickets to attend the 
at the Berglund Center

These tickets were $5 in advance (if you went to box office) and $10 at the door. I wanted to attend the event since I first started posting it on our events blog late last year. It looked interesting and also had local folks involved as vendors.

I entered the radio contests and indeed was one of the lucky ones to win a 4 pack to go. 
Thanks 1079 WYYD

I was taken back by the attendance being small when I first arrived even with the incentive of getting goodie bags if you were one of the first 200 to enter.

I did get a bag, but we had to find it, we weren't told where to get it or even if we were one of the first 200 to enter the door. It was a large room with a stage at the opposite end with chairs to watch the cooking show and other things they did during the event. The vendors were lined up on each side and A paparazzi place for pictures. (no one was there taking pics while I was by the Feeding America folks.) Guess you have to be someone special to be asked to stand there. I tried to speak to as many as possible (of the vendors) and found it hard to want to continue to try with some turning their backs and drinking their soda's instead of facing out.

 I spent quite a bit of time with Stacy from Stacy's Sweet Spot. Saw her making her goodies, and she actually could talk and work at the same time. People asking questions were interested in what was what, and she graciously answered every one. I made a joke ( was truly serious though) she should give classes on being a business owner. 

Image result for Kroger Pharmacy table at Kroger eat simple live simple
I also had a long discussion with the Kroger Pharmacy table. This young lady was super wonderful, and due to the fact that my partner has terminal cancer, I had questions. She really gave me some helpful insight and was truly very very helpful. That was unexpected and appreciated.

The stage portion was good, and the chefs were pretty awesome. The idea behind it all was pretty cool, and i am glad I got to go for sure. I wish that some of the folks would have not turned there back on me when I approached their tables. But all in all.....I enjoyed the event.

The next fun thing I got to do was the 
This is something I try to go to every year. Growing up with hockey and attending so many games in my lifetime, I truly and a huge hockey fan. The $5 donation makes is easy to attend this event and with the packed house, you could tell it was something entire families could afford to do. 

I did win a 4 pack of tickets for this and was able to take my grandchildren. 

I read about people being upset they couldn't get in, or they couldn't find a seat. There were 3 seats in front of us the entire night no one ever asked about. I know that many save rows of seats, but in all honesty there was many tables and businesses to see and check out. Saving seats while people went for drinks, bathroom breaks or to sign up for what was going on, seems natural to me. But I only saw what was in my section, and I am sure it did frustrate folks. I knew to get there early due to going as often as possible through the years being a hockey fan. It was posted that the lot would fill up and to get there early, but some have to work late, or waiting on others can make that impossible to get there an hour early. 

 The night had so much going on
Door Prizes
Trivia Contest
 Crowd Dance Off
Chuck-A-Puck (my grandson loved it)
1 lady won the chance to take a shot on goal for $500. Member One even gave her several chances to win money.

The final Score of the game 
Guns 6 Hoses 1 

Image result for MDA

All in all, The MDA really won!
 They raised over $44,000 for MDA 

It was great being part of it all, and watching the Guns beat the Hoses this year was quite fun. The biggest thing for me......My grand kids loved it.
Maybe by the time they are teens they will be able to afford to take their Grannies to see the RailYard Dogs
With the parking fee on top of the price per ticket, people who are sick, have medical bills, or those who do not make ton's of money, taking a family would be what we spend at the grocery store for a few weeks. You can see the pricing here for those of you who I can live vicariously through. 
I will always love hockey.

I would love to attend more events. 
I do support them, even when I can't attend.
I post about them all the time and have for over 5 years. I want people to know what is going on out there, I want us all to show support of those who put together events. Those who spend time and energy organizing and getting us entertainment to enjoy. I personally thank every event organizer, planner and individual who take time to make Roanoke what it is with all the diverse and fun events.

I can't always go, as my particular circumstances makes me decide between meds and food over fun. So I continue to enter contests, and will go to those events that are either free, or I can win tickets. I will continue to post what events I am told about, sent, and given a heads up on. I have done my own events, and know how thankful I am when people attend, help me raise money for the causes I do for and share the events too. It's part of what I do, makes me feel good, makes me feel as I am doing something good for those who follow me, or for those in the community that do these events for us all.

If you can attend events, do so. If you can't attend, share them. Get the word out. Roanoke is an awesome area, and it does offer us so very very much. Each one of us can add to it in some way or another. 

The Rock Of Virginia - The Rock Of Virginia - Roanoke/LynchburgNew Country 107.9 - Roanoke/Lynchburg's New Country
I do want to thank WROV and WYYD for the opportunity to win tickets, give me a fun filled
 Saturday and be able to include my family.

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