Changes, sometimes it is just time~

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The Events Blog will change.

For over 5 years we have been searching and posting about events all over the area to help our followers support  local venues, local talent, and local events.
We wanted to bring awareness to as many events as possible. Always getting new events weekly to post about. We did this for FREE for quite a long time.

After doing many of my own events these past few years, and always a fundraising event, we noticed we did not get back the same as we give to those who took for granted we would post about their fantastic event.
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We even reached out this time. We begged for shares, donations, volunteers, and anything to help us help the kids with our #toys4thekids event.

We have been ignored by just about every organization we have helped.
We no longer will be promoting event for those who did not at least reach out to help us by sharing our event at least one time.
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Sound selfish?? Maybe, but after this weeks events, and the birth of a new grandson, I realized I give so much of myself to a community that expects, rather than appreciates.
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To those who have helped, shared, volunteered, joined in, confirmed when asked, or taken part in anyway. We thank you and will continue to do for you.
All other's. If you did not watch the fight this past week, maybe you should.

What goes around, sometimes does indeed come around.
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Thanks to all who have supported us for such a long time.
We do appreciate YOU.
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