Fashionista Roanoke: The Men of Roanoke Fashion Show

Looking for men~~~ Business Men, Artists, Professional Men~~ We have a few but want to put it out there to YOU~~ Fashionista Roanoke and PROMOTE COMMOTION are putting together a MEN OF ROANOKE FASHION SHOW~~ Dec 11~~ We will need men, also volunteers, to help plan, execute and make this the best event ever. It will benefit a local cause in the Valley too~~Interested in taking part in any way???Contact me~~

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Come out and meet these guys, watch them walk the runway and take time to find out more about what they offer our community too.

A huge Thanks to Jim Thomas Creator and Owner at Food Prep Services Roanoke for also taking part in this fundraiser. Jim is one of those assets in the community that I have personally watched work endlessly to take his dream and make it a reality. He is amazing, and you will be able to SEE him on Sunday Dec 11 making his way down that runway. Come out and learn more about him, his business and thank him for what he has brought to our Valley~

Thanks so much to Zac Price for being the 1st yes I got today. A great young talented musician that you all need to know about and check out.His page is here~Please #ShowSupport and Like and Listen. Plan to come out and see him strutting his stuff down the runway~
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